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Deep Cleaning Kills Viruses & Ensures High Hygiene Levels

Professional deep cleaning is a specialist cleaning service required by businesses as part of an environmental policy or as a one off thorough clean. Deep cleaning takes care of the hard to reach areas and those spaces that are trickier to clean on a day-to-day basis.

Deep cleaning can be required for a number of reasons;

  • In a busy office environment, regular deep cleaning not only maintains high levels of hygiene, but it also helps maintain and prolong the new appearance of things like office furniture.
  • IT equipment, surfaces, carpets, hard floors and kitchen equipment amongst others, therefore it is recommended to deep clean an office regularly, such as monthly or quarterly.
  • In a high traffic locations, such as a hospital, hygiene standards can decline quickly, so deep cleaning should be practised regularly.

Weekly deep cleans are common, but deep cleans are also required immediately should there be an outbreak of an infection, such as with the Coronavirus pandemic. Some properties require deep cleans to help reduce insurance costs. The intervals required to comply with your insurance should be checked against the insurance policy.

In general, deep cleans should be scheduled on a basis that meets the demands of the business activity and should always be part of your cleaning maintenance program.

Our deep cleaning services include

  • End of tenancy deep clean
  • Virus cleaning including Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • School deep cleaning – very popular during summer holidays
  • Medical facility deep clean – usually before a CQC visit
  • Home deep cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Office deep cleaning

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