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    Actual Support Services Ltd facilities management supplies great value from providing consultations and services by our in house specialist divisions, to outsourced management services, project management, and interim management are also solutions offered to our clients.

    Skills and years of experience that counts!

    Actual Support Services Ltd is multifaceted and skilled in the consultation process.

    Our aim is to get to know your every need & requirements which is essential in order to produce the most tailored and best possible solutions drawn from our wealth of experience.

    Service delivery is always at the forefront of ours and our clients’ minds, therefore, all our models are developed to meet both ours and our clients’ environmental and social responsibilities. We will assist you in preserving your working environment!

    • All soft service lines
    • Cleaning Services
    • Garden Maintenance / Tree Care
    • Building fabrication maintenance
    • Environmental & Waste Services
    • Security
    • High Level Access
    • Internal and External Window Cleaning