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    Actual Support Services Ltd has been successfully cleaning up after bird-related problems and providing preventative solutions for over 38 years.

    We provide solutions for bird problems that arise on many different buildings and areas. Pigeons are the most common urban pest bird worldwide. The common pigeon population lives freely in towns and cities causing widespread fouling of buildings and can transmit bird and various dangerous diseases to humans.

    We provide various solutions for bird nesting and roosting problems that arise on many different buildings, facilities and difficult locations.

    From supply only to supply and installation of Nets & Pigeon Spikes to Specialist humane traps.  Bird Spikes are used by almost every professional pest control company along with City and Town Councils throughout the country and can provide a long term solution.

    Our survey and specialist installation teams are all qualified and experienced providing all our clients with an expert level of service solutions.

    For a free site survey please complete our contact form and we will be in touch to find a solution for your needs.